Some important bugs were fixed in the latest release of MailMate. If you have ever used MailMate to edit and send messages then you must update MailMate and run it once. Your local cache of sent messages may contain messages which were not correctly uploaded to the IMAP server. Beta 0.9.4 ensures that all messages edited by MailMate are up-to-date on the server.

Other bugs were fixed as well including one which prevented many users from sending messages. Read more in the release notes shown when launching MailMate.

Changes include an experimental general Show/Hide system for layouts. Defaults have been added for the mailboxes view and the message view. In other words, it is possible to reduce MailMate to an outline of messages (and still change the current mailbox or move messages using the keyboard shortcuts ⌘T and ⌥⌘T). Look in the “View ▸ Layout” menu for this feature.

Also note:

  • New column for the messages outline with the “state” of a message. Turned on by default for the Drafts mailbox. When sending a message, the state is a progress indicator. Moved the now functionally obsoleted Outbound mailbox to the set of default example mailboxes.
  • New General preference option for selecting the default email composer (for “mailto:” links).