MailMate now uses $Junk and $NotJunk IMAP keywords to control when resources (most often images) are allowed to be fetched from external URLs. When fetching is blocked, a special view is shown stating the reason and the number of resources blocked. Various options are then available including fetching the external resources once (“Load Once”). By default MailMate is quite restrictive. External references are blocked for a message if one or more of the following is true:

  • It is in a junk mailbox
  • It is marked $Junk
  • It is in an Inbox or in a mailbox for deleted messages without the $NotJunk keyword.

Moving a message in/out of a junk mailbox automatically enables/disables the $Junk keyword.

Note that various email clients use variations of the $Junk/$NotJunk keywords. MailMate uses the keywords which have quite recently been formalized. For more information:

Other changes in this update:

  • Files can now be attached using a file panel (⇧⌘A).
  • Added the special IMAP Recent state to the default set of counters.
  • Various IMAP related bug fixes. See the release notes in MailMate (shown when updating).