I am proud to present the first public beta release of MailMate — a brand new email client for Mac OS X. You can read more about current and missing features on the main page. Please make sure to read that before downloading MailMate.

This is an early beta release and at the time of writing only 4 people have ever tried to install and use MailMate. You could be MailMate user number 5 and any feedback from you is going to be greatly appreciated. To provide feedback, you can either join the mailing list or use the “Help ▸ Send Feedback…” menu item inside MailMate.

Disregarding any bugs, MailMate may still not be ready to be your primary email client. In its current state though, it would still be a very useful complement to any other email client. If you use it as a complement to Apple Mail then note that you can find the currently displayed message using the “Message ▸ Open in Apple Mail” menu item in MailMate.

The short term goal for MailMate is a stable 1.0 release with most of the missing features described on the main page, and hopefully a few new exciting features as well.