MailMate now supports creating, deleting, and renaming IMAP mailboxes. IMAP does not support mailbox renaming which means that in practice it is implemented by creating a new mailbox, moving the messages, and then deleting the old mailbox. The same strategy is used to support drag’n’drop move/copy of IMAP mailboxes.

Important: The support for local files will soon be removed completely. If you have any messages in mailboxes under “SOURCES/Local” then you should move them to IMAP locations as soon as possible.

New features and changes include:

  • Images and files pasted in the composer are attached to the message.
  • “Forward as Attachment” implemented.
  • When replying to a message sent from yourself, the from/to/cc fields are left unchanged.
  • Scrolling using space now works when the message view is in focus. Skips to next message when scrolled to the bottom of a message.
  • Improved completion in address fields. In particular, the handling of commas now works correctly.
  • Numerous other changes and fixes which can be seen in the detailed release notes within MailMate.