The complete release notes for version 1.0.2:

The SpamSieve support can now be enabled in the preferences. This includes the choice of a mailbox in which SpamSieve should be used to check new messages. By default, this mailbox is the unified Inbox, but it could be any smart or real mailbox.

The handling of messages outline columns has been improved. Submailboxes automatically inherit the settings of parent mailboxes unless explicit changes are made and it is now possible to select the outline column (the column with a triangle) which is useful if the order of columns is changed.

Composer related changes:

  • Improved the default choice of identity (from-address) for new messages.
  • Fixed handling of signatures such that “No Signature” is remembered for future messages.
  • Fixed quoting level color when removing the last quote level character.
  • The various settings in the Substitutions menu (in the context sensitive menu) are now saved. In particular, Text Replacements can be enabled (see Language and Text in the System Preferences).

IMAP related changes:

  • Fixed issue where subscribed mailboxes under a private namespace were not found (due to a missing delimiter in the namespace prefix).
  • When creating a mailbox with the same name as an unsubscribed mailbox, the mailbox is automatically subscribed (instead of failing).
  • Added alternating row colors in subscriptions sheet.

Other changes:

  • Added “Common Headers or Body” to make it easier to search addresses, subject, or unquoted body text.
  • Fixed encoding of long header lines with non-ASCII and no spaces (for example, a subject line in Japanese).
  • Now allows whitespace around “=” in Content-Type parameters (in order to handle a bug in at least some versions of PHPMailer).