A milestone has been reached: The first non-beta of MailMate has been released. The homepage has also been redesigned although functionally it is the same. Now it is time to work on all of those postponed-for-1.x features.

There has been quite a few changes since beta 0.9.10. Read about them in the release notes within MailMate.

The following is the press release sent out via prMac:

Summary: MailMate is an ambitious powerful email client for Mac OS X. It is designed for and only supports IMAP while still working in full when offline. MailMate has state-of-the-art searching capabilities and correspondingly advanced smart mailboxes. Extensive keyboard control and dynamic signatures ensure a highly efficient workflow when reading and answering emails. Alternative message viewer layouts and a browser-inspired design ensure easy and rapid access to related messages.


Copenhagen, Denmark - February 16, 2011 - Freron Software is proud to release version 1.0 of a new Mac OS X email client. Aimed at power users, MailMate optimizes the workflow when dealing with large amounts of email. MailMate has state-of-the-art searching capabilities which is also used to provide advanced Smart Mailbox features. The encouraged workflow in MailMate is to handle each incoming email by either archiving or deleting it. Smart mailboxes can then be used to automatically organize emails based on any message header of any message body part.

MailMate includes a set of alternative layouts for the main view. For example, a widescreen layout with the message view to the right of the messages outline and a correspondence layout which allows one to immediately see any messages in any existing email correspondence related to the currently selected message(s).

Other features of MailMate include:

  • Universal mailboxes: One Inbox for all of your IMAP accounts.
  • Extensive keyboard control: Switch mailboxes or move messages using the keyboard only.
  • Advanced smart mailboxes: Make any/all combinations of other (smart) mailboxes and use any/all combinations of matching conditions.
  • Link-searching: Search for related messages using search links.
  • Dynamic signatures: Default signature based on the history of sent messages.
  • Notifications: Multiple dock/menu bar counters and Growl notifications.
  • Mailing list support: Mailing list messages are automatically organized in smart mailboxes.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Mac OS X Version 10.5
  • IMAP server(s) with support for the UIDPLUS extension

Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, Freron Software was founded in 2010. Freron Software is a small software company developing and selling MailMate, a Mac OS X email client for IMAP.