The complete release notes for version 1.1.1:


When composing a message, a copy is autosaved every 30 seconds (but only if changes exist). When launching MailMate, any autosaved messages are detected and the user is asked to either discard or import. This should never result in more than 2 versions of a draft: The autosaved version and the most recently explicitly saved version.

Other changes

  • Reordering of standard mailboxes is now allowed.
  • “Save Attachment…” now shows and allows changes to the default filename.
  • More information provided when importing messages.
  • The Flag column in the messages outline is now used to display an exclamation mark for high priority messages (only when message is not flagged).
  • Improved replying to messages in “Sent Messages”. It previously failed when the message was not sent from the first identity of an account.
  • Removed maximum width for a couple of integer columns in the messages outline in order to better handle custom font sizes.
  • Only applying SpamSieve to messages without the $NotJunk flag. This is needed, for example, if running SpamSieve on two machines when trying to move a message from the Junk mailbox back into the Inbox.
  • Now using “MIME-Version” instead of “Mime-Version” in new messages. Details matter.
  • Workaround for Gmail for a problem resulting in sent messages ending up in the trash. How to reproduce the problem is unresolved but it is likely related to Googles alternative interpretation of the IMAP standard.
  • Workaround for servers wrongly providing EXISTS responses before EXPUNGE (Yahoo, MS Exchange 2007, and probably others).
  • Fixed various other IMAP issues.