The complete release notes for version 1.1:

MailMate for everybody

Several improvements allow MailMate to work with most (if not all) IMAP servers. Send some feedback if you have an IMAP account which does not work with MailMate.

The most important improvements are:

  • No longer requiring the UIDPLUS extension. Servers with the UIDPLUS extension are still recommended since it is both more robust and more efficient when utilized by an offline IMAP client such as MailMate.
  • Better handling of IMAP servers with limited support for IMAP keywords (such as MS Exchange IMAP).
  • Handles when the INBOX on the server is not in uppercase (such as Yahoo IMAP).

Image blocking improved

The default in MailMate is now to always block external references, but the user has detailed control of the behavior using some new preferences (currently under General). The most important setting is “Block external references for messages in …” which allows the user to define a mailbox containing the messages for which blocking should be enabled. The default is “All Messages”, but it could be any smart mailbox, for example, a smart mailbox excluding messages which have been identified as being safe. This could be based on headers inserted by server-side spam detection software (like “X-Spam-Score” or “X-Spam-Flag”).

For convenience, the preferences also include a checkbox for “Load external references for messages marked Not Junk” (this could also be done using a smart mailbox as described above). This is especially useful when combined with a new SpamSieve option which allows you to automatically mark messages as Not Junk if they have a low spam score.

Go to the General preferences and play with these new settings and send some feedback if it somehow cannot handle your preferred use of image blocking.

Note that blocking is always enabled for messages in “Junk” or “Deleted Messages”. It is also always enabled for attached messages (occurs when using something like “Forward as Attachment…” has been used to construct an email). This allows one to safely receive forwarded spam.

When completing addresses, MailMate now looks in all Address Book sources. Technical note: This is done using a private API and therefore this feature may be removed again in future versions of MailMate. Feedback on both success and failure of this feature is welcome.

When pasting in the composer, text is preferred to images (pasting an image makes it an attachment). This was necessary since otherwise pasting text from some applications would instead result in the attachment of an image.

Also note:

  • Email address completion now works for Address Book groups including distribution list identifiers.
  • Improved splitting/merging of quoted paragraphs.

Other changes

MailMate now enforces a 30-day trial period. It is measured as days of active use measured by the number of days on which messages have been sent. When the trial period has expired, you can still use MailMate, but you can only send 2 messages per launch.

Interesting minor changes:

  • Separate search shortcuts: Search All Messages (⌥⌘F) and Mailbox Search (⌃⌥⌘F).
  • The Search button in the toolbar now keeps MailMate in the current mailbox if holding down ⌥.
  • Allows renaming of standard mailboxes.

Various (less interesting) fixes:

  • Fixed bug in saving attachments using “Message ▸ Save Attachments…” triggered when focus was in the message view (nothing was saved).
  • Fixed rare crash bug related to a message being deleted while in the process of being displayed in the message view.
  • Fixed problem triggered when an IMAP connection was reused to select a second mailbox just after a message was expunged from the first mailbox (server-side).
  • Fixed crash bug which was triggered when a new IMAP mailbox was registered and a popup button with mailboxes was in use at the same time.
  • “Move Out of Junk” is no longer greyed out in the messages menu when messages are selected in the Junk.
  • Fixed bug in the filter editor (Mailbox Search) which would make it ignore parts of the query if an any/all expression existed with a single child.
  • Removed toolbar button in the Preferences window.