MailMate 1.4.1 has just been released both on the homepage and in the Mac App Store. Currently, the only difference between the App Store version of MailMate and the version available via the “Download” link above is that the latter has its own Software Update mechanism (which includes optional access to beta builds of MailMate if you like to be on the cutting edge).

Note: This is expected to be the last release of MailMate working on Mac OS X Leopard (10.5).

The minor change in version number does not reflect the large number of improvements in this update of MailMate. The following is a list of some of the changes. You can see all the details in the release notes.

  • Option to automatically mark messages unread (see the “Composer” preferences pane). In particular, automatically marking unread can be disabled.
  • Added support for named alternative email addresses which is useful when you do not want to use the same name for all addresses specified for an account (see IMAP account settings).
  • Trackpad gestures are now supported by MailMate. For example, swiping can now be used to navigate, archive, or mark messages. Combined with modifier keys, it is possible to configure numerous swiping shortcuts.
  • It is now also possible to bind keys (or swiping gestures) to expand/collapse messages/threads, or explicitly set or remove tags.
  • Updated and specialized the included Markdown converter (sundown). It is now better at handling changes in quote-level although this is non-standard Markdown behavior. Also fixed handling of quoted code blocks which would often fail when indented code blocks were in use.
  • Improved detection of whether Markdown can be used for replies. Markdown is now enabled whenever the text replied to is known to be Markdown or does not contain any Markdown markup.
  • Added the use of an external script to convert HTML to plain text (Markdown) when needed for replies or forwarded messages.
  • Improved handling of links in the composer. No longer opened on single click. Hold down command to open a link or use the menu item.
  • Added “Reset Usage History” button in the Signatures preferences pane. MailMate now also automatically uses the first configured signature (if any exists) when a signature cannot be derived otherwise.
  • Significantly improved performance for large message stores.
  • Improved IMAP code for handling servers which do not include the UIDPLUS extension.
  • Improved performance of deleting accounts/mailboxes/messages.
  • Improved handling of address-only messages when completing addresses.
  • Improved derivation of default “From” address for replies.