It’s a minor bump of the version number, but the latest release of MailMate includes a major new feature: Tags.

The implementation of tags is based on IMAP keywords which means that they are easily and efficiently synchronized with an IMAP server (some servers may have limited support). The user interface is an unobtrusive token based text field shown when hitting a simple shortcut. It is very similar to the recipient address fields of the composer including automatic completion of tag names. It is easy to create new tags and a new preferences pane allows you to review and edit existing tags and their IMAP keyword equivalents. Read more about tags in the manual.

Other changes include:

  • When failing to encrypt (OpenPGP) a message to an untrusted recipient then “Trust Once” is now provided as an option (when trying to send).
  • Untrusted S/MIME certificates are now editable (via the “Show Details” button), that is, the trust settings can be changed within MailMate.
  • Holding down ⌥ can be used to expunge (delete) selected messages immediately (instead of moving them to the trash mailbox of the IMAP account). An alert is shown which can optionally be suppressed.
  • Improved line wrapping of headers of outgoing messages (standards compliant behavior).
  • Various IMAP related fixes and workarounds.
  • Fixed problem when using mailto: with attachments (only possible via AppleScript).

This release also includes a workaround for a problem under 10.7.5 which would make MailMate and the authorization interface to the system keychain hang when changing the trust settings of a server certificate. The problem is an Apple bug related to code signing.