The minor bump of the version number hides the fact that a number of small features have been added to MailMate in the passing month (see the list below). This release supports Mac OS X Snow Leopard, but, as previously noted, you should expect version 1.6 to require Mac OS X Lion.

Here are the most interesting changes since version 1.5.1:

  • New “Synchronization Schedule” submenu for the Mailbox menu to configure how often individual mailboxes are synchronized.
  • “Send and Archive”, “Reply All”, and “Flag” are now available as optional toolbar buttons.
  • Inlined images are now rotated according to EXIF data in images (Mountain Lion only).
  • Added “Reply to …” to the context sensitive menu of addresses in the headers view.
  • Now respects the first/last name ordering of individual contacts in the “Address Book” (“Contacts” on Mountain Lion).
  • Automatic handling of winmail.dat (TNEF) files. This is an experimental feature for expert users. Feedback is welcome.
  • Low level feature can be used to add custom email headers to outgoing messages.
  • Improved handling of OpenPGP and S/MIME. Now MailMate properly handles signed/encryped body parts in multipart/mixed MIME messages.
  • Various IMAP fixes/workarounds including a number of fixes to handle ‘\’ and ‘"’ correctly.
  • SMTP code now correctly handles lines prefixed with one or more dots.
  • And more…

Detailed release notes can be seen here.