It’s a minor version bump, but it’s not a minor update. MailMate 1.9.5 is a major update as documented in the detailed release notes. Here follows a short list of the most notable highlights:

  • Embed arbitrary HTML when replying/forwarding.
  • MailMate icon replaced (designed by Eli Schiff).
  • Toolbar icons added (designed by Eli Schiff).
  • Style outgoing messages using CSS.
  • Code styling using Pygments.
  • Math styling using ASCIIMath or TeXMath (converted to MathML which is not supported by all recipient email clients).
  • Numerous additions to the Composer preferences pane to control the HTML related features above.
  • Fixed various issues with macOS 10.12 (Sierra).
  • Support for tags and colored flags in the toolbar.
  • “Format ▸ Bold/Italic” menu items which inserts/removes Markdown syntax to emphasize text.
  • Network code now uses CFNetwork instead of OpenSSL. This implicitly means proxy support (System Preferences), IPv6 support, and TLS 1.2 support.
  • Redesigned headers view.
  • Fixed an issue with sleep mode and/or being offline. MailMate failed to send all pending messages in Drafts (until relaunching MailMate).

If you are a happy MailMate user then also note this addition:

  • Added “MailMate ▸ Registration ▸ Become a MailMate Patron…” menu item (only enabled for registered users).