If you are like me then the version number, 1.10, feels a bit weird because it’s not just single digits. That doesn’t make any sense, but it’s actually the only reason that MailMate has been using 1.9.x version numbers since March 2015. It took longer to get from version 1.9 to 1.10 than it took to get from 1.5 to 1.9. Theoretically, this shouldn’t matter much, but in practice small changes of the version number means that updates are going to be considered to be minor updates. Unfortunately, this also means less publicity when updates are released.

You might wonder why I don’t just bump it to 2.0, but I’m saving that for when it really feels like 2.0 to me. That might also not make sense and, who knows, maybe that’ll never happen. Just remember, it’s just numbers.

The following are some of the notable items when comparing 1.10 with the first 1.9.7 release. Some of them were part of a public release which did not involve a version bump at all (r5425). You’ll need to dig into the release notes to get the full story, in particular, if you haven’t tried MailMate since version 1.9.

  • New: Improved handling of a spoofed email address in the name part of the “From” header. Also fixed bugs related to mailsploit.
  • New: Hidden preference to always launch in an offline state: MmInitialOfflineStateEnabled
  • New: Key binding for toggling all accounts offline/online: toggleOnlineStateOfAllAccounts:
  • New: Hidden preference for sending without using the X-Mailer header: MmStripXMailerBeforeSending
  • New: Bundle commands can request attachments (or any other message parts) to be provided as files.
  • New: Bundle commands can return attachments to be included in created emails (both new ones and replies).
  • New: Bundle commands can return actions in the JSON format.
  • New: The primary dock badge counter now looks the same as in other applications.
  • New: Hidden preference MmCommandsIncludeCollapsedMessages which changes the behavior when running a command on collapsed message threads. This is likely to become default behavior.
  • New: Hidden preference MmOpenMessageURLInContext to tell MailMate to handle message: URLs by opening a window with the IMAP mailbox of the message selected.
  • Changed: Added script for more easily creating a new bundle (SharedSupport/bin/create_bundle).
  • Changed: Collapsed thread still shows attachment icon in message list if any attachments exist in the thread.
  • Changed: An outlined flag is now shown when a collapsed thread contains one or more flagged messages.
  • Changed: Optimized some date related computations (this should make date-based smart mailboxes much faster).
  • Changed: Undo/Redo now works for attachments added in the Composer.
  • Changed: Added a warning sheet when pasting in the Composer results in attaching one or more files.
  • Changed: Disabled dragging attachment file names on High Sierra since I cannot make it work correctly. Drag the icon instead.
  • Fixed: Some layout and coloring issues in the mailbox editor (High Sierra).
  • Fixed: Group names (from Contacts) in the Composer were forgotten if closing/sending without first hitting return.
  • Fixed: Some issues with auto-scrolling the preview related to code/math segments.
  • Fixed: Spotlight and the custom location feature now use relative paths. The previous approach would lead to problems if the username of the account was changed.
  • Fixed: Some issues with the Spotlight importer and the sharing extension on High Sierra.
  • Fixed: MmOpenMessageURLInContext also works when opening .eml files.
  • Fixed: The sharing extension is now a bit better at handling text input, e.g., when sharing a note in the Notes app. (Only plain text handled for now.)
  • Fixed: Enabling/disabling some types of mailbox/search conditions would clear the text field or fill it with some old value.