Two weeks ago MailMate 1.11.1 was released, but it was primarily a maintenance release. MailMate 1.11.2 released today includes some new features. Most of them are related to the Rules pane in the mailbox editor, but there are also other new features and some changes/fixes. As always, the details can be found in the release notes:

  • New: Rules can be reordered and dragged to other rule lists. Hold down ⌥ to copy.
  • New: Rules can be hierarchical (use drag’n’drop to make subrules or use the new actions menu).
  • New: Rules work with cut/copy/paste.
  • New: Undo/redo works for rule reordering/dragging/cutting/pasting/deleting.
  • New: Actions menu in the rule editor which includes “Duplicate” and “Add Subrule…” menu items.
  • New: Boolean setting includeSubmailboxMessages = 1; can be used by manually editing Mailboxes.plist. A GUI for this feature is going to be added later.
  • New: Hidden preference MmAutomaticallyExpandThreadsEnabled (experimental).
  • New: Hidden preference MmAutomaticallyExpandOnlyWhenCounted (experimental).

Also note that a new bundle is now available: Brian Reiter added support for using VS Code as an external editor. The other editors supported are Atom, BBEdit, MacVim, Sublime Text, and TextMate. Instructions for using an external editor can be found here.