The MailMate 1.11 release has many new features, improvements, and fixes. As always all the details can be found in the release notes. I’m particularly happy about some non-visible “under the hood” changes which are going to make it easier for me to work on new features and optimizations in the future.

Here follows a short list of the most notable highlights:

  • New: The conditions pane (also in rules) now have a “Message is” menu and a “Message is not” menu. These have submenus to easily match the “read” state, (colored) flags, and various other frequently used search conditions. It is not new that these searches can be made, but they should be much easier to do now.
  • New: GUI setting for automatically adding trusted S/MIME certificates to the keychain. This includes telling the user when it happens and warning if a certificate already exists for the same email address.
  • New: A dedicated “Two Panes” layout with no message preview (see the “View ▸ Layout” menu).
  • New: The context sensitive menu of an IMAP account displays the exact storage quota usage and limit. If multiple so-called quota roots exist then they are shown in a submenu. This only works for IMAP servers with QUOTA support as described in RFC2087.
  • New: The MmQuotaWarningLevel hidden preference can be used to control when the used quota percentage is shown for IMAP accounts in the mailbox list itself. The default is 80.0.
  • New: Forwarding (as an attachment) is now available as a rule action.
  • Changed: Major refactoring of all so-called rule editors (mailboxes pane, conditions and rule actions). This should make it much easier to add features to these in the future.
  • Changed: Major refactoring of the internal query system (used by smart mailboxes and many other parts of MailMate). This includes bug fixes and simpler (more robust) code.
  • Changed: Improved support for tags in the Composer window (including a toolbar popup button).
  • Fixed: Several security related issues.
  • And much more…