A detailed list of the many changes, fixes, and new features can, as always, be found in the release notes. Most importantly, MailMate 1.12 includes better handling of smart mailbox and searches based on dates. MailMate is (finally) able to do searches relative to the current day, week, month, and year (also minute and hour if anyone should find that useful). Smart mailboxes, for example, can be created which only shows the emails of today instead of the emails of the past 24 hours. For convenience, the “Message is” menu in the conditions editor includes shortcuts to creates searches for messages received “Today/Yesterday/This Week/This Month/This Year”, but all date headers allow any kind of date relative search if something more specific is needed.

Most importantly, the toolbar search field supports a new modifier to do date based searches. The details are in the manual, but here are a few of the examples:

Search string Meaning
d 2005 Received in year 2005
d 2005-4-1 Received April 1st 2005
d <2005-4 Received before April 2005
d 7 The most recent day 7 (this or previous month)
d 7-4 The most recent April 7th (this or previous year)
d 7-4-2005 Received on April 7th 2005
d 1y Received this year
d !3d Not received within the past 3 days
d 5y !2y Received 2-5 years ago
d today Received today
d yesterday Received yesterday
d 2005 or 2007 or 2y Received 2005 or 2007 or within the past 2 years

The search syntax is also available via the “View Search Syntax” menu item in the toolbar search field menu.